The Latest Trend in Pre-Owned Motorcycle Sales

According to a recent article published in the PowerSports Business magazine (Issue 2, Volume 15), V-twin dealers are taking advantage of trade-in opportunities and boosting their revenue with quick pre-owned motorcycle sales.

J.D. Power and Associates reports that, in 2011, 75% of new motorcycle buyers traded in their pre-owned motorcycle during the purchase. This is a significant increase compared to that of 57% in 2010 and 39% during the past five (5) years.

Trade-ins have become very common and are encouraged by many motorcycle dealers because they reduce the buyer's financing amount and allow the dealer to resell traded motorcycle. Many dealers primarily focus on pre-owned motorcycle sales because of higher profit margins and faster sales process.

More importantly, industry data shows that the pre-owned motorcycle sales trend will continue to grow, especially in the V-twin market. This is great news for motorcycle buyers and sellers.

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