Motorcycle Price Matters!

Online buyers are bargain shoppers looking for the best deal. Set your motorcycle prices accordingly! Do not make your potential customers work just to get the price.

The Great Recession of 2008 not only threatened to bring down the world's largest economy, but it also changed the way Americans shop. Excess and impulse spending is becoming a thing of the past as more and more families are realizing the importance of spending within your means and looking for a killer deal.

More than ever before, Americans are taking their shopping needs to the Internet because online shopping offers convenience, inexpensive and fast shipping, and instant price comparisons. Why pay $20 for a book at a local bookstore when you can buy the same book for $10 on and have it in your mailbox the next day?!

The motorcycle industry has not been immune to the recent economic and technological changes felt by the American consumers. Gone are the days when motorcycle dealers could solely count on local customers and ignore online shoppers. More and more motorcycle buyers are becoming technology savvy and bargain shoppers. This means that there are no longer geographic boundaries in a buyer’s motorcycle purchasing approach; he or she goes where the best deal is and not to the local motorcycle dealership.

What does this mean to you as a motorcycle dealer?

This means that you, as a motorcycle dealer, are competing with every single dealer in your industry. You are now competing with hundreds of dealers rather than just dealers in your area. This means that you must have a competitive online presence. This means that you must list competitive prices when listing motorcycles online. Most buyers will not even look at your listing if the price is not right. Do not set your online motorcycle prices to $0 and request phone calls for price quotes because online buyers expect prices to be available. More importantly, listings with $0 prices fall to the bottom of the search results on various classifieds websites, such a, which results in low exposure. The bottom line is that online shoppers do not care to work extra just to see the price of a motorcycle. Otherwise, they would have gone to a local dealership.