Increase Online Motorcycle Sales with Better Photos

Although convenient and popular, using stock motorcycle images is the biggest online motorcycle sales DON’T.

Motorcycle industry surveys show that close to 80% of motorcycle buyers research their purchase options online before visiting a local dealerships. Roughly 42% of in-store motorcycle purchases originate on the dealer’s website. Given these statistics, it is extremely important for dealers to make sure the inventory on their website is fresh and different from the competition.

One of the best ways to compete online is to use actual rather than stock motorcycle images. Buyers are tired of seeing the same stock motorcycle images on every dealer’s website. What interested buyers want is photos that show exactly what the motorcycle they are considering looks like. This is a great opportunity for the dealer to take photos of all the special features of each bike, and show interested buyers why his/her bikes are more special than the motorcycles at a different dealership down the road. recommendations:

  1. Take 5-10 photos going all the way around the motorcycle.
  2. Have at least one close-up photo of the paint, especially if it has a custom design.
  3. Show the exact mileage on the odometer.
  4. Capture all extras or special features of the motorcycle.
  5. The main image should showcase the side with the motorcycle’s pipes.

DO: This is an original photo taken by a dealer. It shows exactly what the motorcycle for sale looks like.

DON'T: This is a stock photo. The buyer has no idea if the motorcycle he/she is interested in looks like this or has any special features. The motorcycle in this photo looks like many other dealers’ motorcycles. It does not look realistic.