2003 Harley-Davidson® XL1200C-ANV Sportster® 1200 Custom Anniversary

Location: Augusta, KS


Black And Silver
Augusta, KS
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I bought a bigger bike right after I put new tires, new brakes on it and tuned it up. It has only been run on Premium Unleaded gas. The oil has been changed every 1,500 miles religiously. It has leather H-D saddle bags that are mounted to a custom built frame specifically made for this bike; and also has a slightly taller back rest on it. The footpegs and handlebar grips are Throttle Boss, and it also has thumb turn cruise control. It has Screamin' Eagle exhaust pipe sleeves as well. There are 2 Sportster seats that go with it, the original seat with the Anniversary emblem and a newer factory Sportster seat. The Sporty has always been covered when not being ridden, whether by a bike cover and carport together, or in the garage. The custom accessories alone make the asking price on the Sporty a great deal! Price out those custom items and you'll see what I mean.
Note: Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.
On a side note; as a buyer that contacts a seller; TELLING any seller you will only pay an amount you personally decide upon that may not even be in the same ballpark as the asking price, TELLING a seller that they will in fact, deliver to your home directly, TELLING a seller that additionally, you want a phone call by a particular time or you will look elsewhere, basically delivering an ultimatum that as the buyer, isn’t actually your choice, to say that is incredibly disrespectful and unacceptable is an understatement. When communicating with a seller, and the seller emails you specifying what steps need to be taken BEFORE picking up the title and motorcycle, simple, basic instructions-the buyer should not feel so comfortable as to say they understand, but they’re not going to do it the sellers way, because.....STOP right there. There is a difference between discussing any changes to come to an understanding and a buyer telling a seller they’re going to do things their way. When it is not yet your property, no, you will not. The two scenarios I just described have happened, it shows a complete lack of respect for your self and others. Be disrespectful elsewhere, please and thank you. Understand, we don’t have to sell our Sporty to anyone we CHOOSE not to. Do not assume that any bike is being sold because the current owner “needs the money”. It’s asinine. We would like to see it ridden and enjoyed by someone just as much as we enjoyed it. That is the simple truth.

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