2000 Harley-Davidson® FLTRSEI Screamin' Eagle® Road Glide®

Location: Big Lake, MN


Orange / Black
Big Lake, MN
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00 Road Glide CVO Screamin' Eagle with Motorvation Sidecar

This combo is just pretty much the best of both worlds..! The bike was sold and serviced at the same Harley Davidson Dealer since new. It is also the first year of the CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) Screamin' Eagle motorcycles produced by Harley Davidson in the Touring Division. HD chose the Road Glide platform to build it on, simply because the Road Glide is generally considered by most "touring" riders to be the "ultimate road bike" in the Harley Davidson model line-up.

There were only two colors available that year and this is by far the most popular, since it has such a great paint scheme and also reflects the timeless HD classic Orange and Black color combination. The CVO division actually named this color scheme Vivid Black/VR Racing Orange/Arctic White. Then to top it all off, it is one of only about 700 ever built TOTAL..!

Regarding the side car: This is a Motorvation Roadster Royale with the Electric Lean Option. This truly is a state-of-the-art sidecar with double passenger capabilities. This large sidecar will seat someone who is over 6 feet tall and weighing over 250 pounds in comfort. It can handle up to three small children, or accommodate two teenage kids. There is almost 5 cubic feet of storage behind the seat which removes so all the space can be used for cargo or even sleeping. The Electric Lean Option allows you to simply move a toggle switch located on the left handlebar of the motorcycle and change the camber or "lean" of the sidecar. With this technology you can adjust for the crown of the road, weight in the sidecar, weight on the motorcycle, side winds, and a number of different variables that greatly affect the steering and handling of the complete combination.

This camber and lean adjustability is achieved by the implementation of an electrically operated "screw cylinder" that is incorporated into the mechanism of the suspension design and sits in a parallel configuration between the sidecar and the motorcycle. The "screw cylinder" simply moves in or out by means of an electric motor which in turn moves the entire sidecar up or down to a specific camber angle, and ultimately creates the perfect positioning of the motorcycle/sidecar suspension combination.

Needless to say, this now allows the driver to truly enjoy driving the bike without "fighting" the handlebars to keep the bike straight all the time and ultimately makes driving far more comfortable and safer. And.., the greatest thing is this..! YOU CAN DO THIS ALL ON THE FLY..!! Just press the toggle switch and adjust for side wind, road crown, different passenger weights or whatever, right while you are driving down the road, so you can keep the bike in a "neutral" operational state and allow you to steer with ease. How cool is that??!!

When looking at the complete combo, it's also very apparent the sidecar perfectly matches the original factory paint scheme on the bike, since the sidecar was custom painted to match the Screamin' Eagle CVO pattern on the Road Glide. And.., as you can see, it looks super nice..! The paint design pattern is the perfect complement to the layout of the original CVO paint on the motorcycle.

These are the special STOCK features on the 2000 Screamin' Eagle Road Glide (FLTRSEI):
Silver and Chrome Twin Cam 1550cc Power Train
Special Silver Painted Wheels with Chrome Floating Rotors
New-style Smoked Low-profile Windshield
Fully Adjustable Rider Backrest
Molded Tour-Pak Interior Lid Liner
Chrome Girder-style Rear Brake Lever Assembly
New Tour-Pak Lid Emblem, Air Cleaner Inserts, Console Insert and Caliper Inserts
Shark Fin Muffler End Caps
Cruise Control
Special Seat with Unique Insert and Matching Rider, Passenger and Tour-Pak Mounted Passenger Backrest Pads
Chrome and Rubber Style - Hand Grips, Rider Foot Board Inserts, Brake Pedal Pad and Shifter Pegs
Chrome O.E. Style FLTRI Handlebar
Detachable Chopped Tour-Pack with Liner and Interior Light
Color-matched Fuel Tank Console and Gauge Housings
Polished Stainless Steel Shift Linkage
Fairing Lowers
Chrome Axle Nut Covers
Chrome Handlebar Switch Housings
Braided Stainless Steel Control Cables (throttle and clutch)
Black Wall Tires
Chrome Rear Directional Bar with Integrated Brake Light
Fairing Lower Storage Boxes
Braided Stainless Steel Front Brake Line
Chrome Hand Control Levers
Oval Bar & Shield-style Chrome Billet Mirrors
Chrome Lower Fork Sliders with Chrome Slider Covers
Full Muffler Shields
Detachable Tour-Pak Rack, Filler Strips
Front Axle Nut Covers
Silver Front and Rear Brake Calipers
Chrome Passenger Footrests with Chrome 3-slot Footpegs
Chrome Dip Stick
Chrome Rear Master Cylinder Cover
Girder-style Shift Levers
Chrome Lower Fairing Mounts
Silver Gauge Faces (tach, speedo, oil pressure, etc.)
Tour-Pak Spoiler with Integrated Brake Light
Detachable Passenger Backrest with Pad

These are some of the Features on the Motorvation Roadster Royale Sidecar:
Custom Painted to Perfectly Match Road Glide CVO Paint Scheme
Electric Lean Option ("on the fly" adjustment of sidecar camber)
Made From Hand Laid, Marine Quality Fiberglass
Unique "Double Passenger" Seating Area
Accommodates Adult over 6 ft Tall and over 250 Pounds in Comfort
Can Accommodate Two Teenagers in Comfort
Can Accommodate Three Children in Comfort
Sturdy External Square Tube Ladder Frame Platform
Adjustable Torsion Bar Suspension
Almost 5 Cubic Feet of Storage Behind Seat
Built in Safety Glass Windshield
Heritage Dating Back 20+ Years
Seat Belt for Passenger(s)
Matched Fender to Motorcycle
Matched Wheel to Motorcycle
Matched Tail Light to Motorcycle
Billet Aluminum Folding Entry Step
Excellent Ride for Sidecar Passenger(s)
Headlight with On/Off Switch
Interior Completely Carpeted
Folding Seat Back to Accommodate Storage Area
Removable Seat Cushion
There are many more features too numerous to list…

Note: This truly is a very nice driving sidecar combination. With the horsepower and torque of the 1550 upgrade engine that comes in the CVO Road Glide, you have plenty of "juice" for any passenger/weight combination you may encounter. Combine that with the advanced handling technology and passenger comfort of the Motorvation Sidecar, and you have yourself an absolute pleasure ride waiting for you and your choice of lucky person(s) with whom you "choose to cruise".

And.., of course you will be the "coolest guy or gal in town" when you give ANYONE a ride in this! You'll be their new best friend..!

So.., with Harley's best bike (CVO) and the generally considered the best sidecar built, how can you beat this combo..? You simply have the best of both worlds..! And, incidentally, the way Motorvation builds and designs their mounting systems, if you ever decided to have an inclination to ride the bike solo, it is very easy. A few wrenches and a little time and it will completely unbolt from the Road Glide leaving no unsightly welded on brackets or traces of even having a sidecar installed. Now, that's great engineering..!

Super color combo, best CVO Harley, best Motorvation Sidecar, tons of room for passenger and cargo, and a fantastic driving and riding experience..! How can you beat that..??

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